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セクレタリー Shoko の瓦版10月号!

October, 2016 

There is a T.V. program called ‘Kiso Eigo for Business People’ on NHK. I recommend it to learners of English. This is the fourth season of the program. I found it has gotten more and more complicated and was limited to businesspeople. Although the viewer needed to make long sentences in previous seasons, this season’s main goal is to make quick responses. A person on the show who is Japanese is given a question in a short conversation and has to answer within 10 seconds. There is no need to use difficult words.We should put ourselves in their place and think of how we would answer. I think many people who are studying English want to be able to reply quickly. It’s a good practice for them. We can also learn useful expressions and improve our listening skills. The program airs from Monday to Thursday with each episode being only 10 minutes. Even for just a short time, it is important to have exposure to English every day. Let’s make it a rule to watch it.

セクレタリー Shoko の瓦版9月号!

September, 2016 

Did you enjoy the Rio Olympics? As I mentioned in this blog before it started, many people didn't have much interest in it. However, after it started, people were really into watching sports despite the time of broadcasting being late at night. The unfortunate thing was that vacant seats in stadiums were marked. There were some reasons such as poor public security, Zika virus and so on. Tokyo doesn't have such kinds of problems (so far...). So it is expected that many people will come from many countries for the Tokyo Olympics. It's time to show Japanese “Omotenashi” spirits. When we welcome foreigners, English will be OUR? advantage. It's a good opportunity for all Japanese to improve their English ability. There are still 4 years to go. Let's imagine you talking with foreigners in 4 years. Anything is possible( ´ ▽ ` )ノ☆

セクレタリー Shoko の瓦版8月号!

August, 2016 

When I think of the Obon holiday I remember that when I was a child I was always excited to meet my cousins at that time. Now, since I live far from both my own parents and my husband’s parents, the Obon holiday is a significant time to spend with them. Of course, meeting our family is a big pleasure. However, because my husband’s hometown is in Chiba Prefecture we usually go there by car and this is also enjoyable for us. Looking at scenery and stopping by some service areas is really fun. I think visiting our family’s grave is an important chance to think about our ancestors, so I make it a rule to visit every year. By the way, my husband’s family’s grave, the grave that I will be buried in when I die, is in Tokyo. Considering I’ve never lived in Tokyo nor do I ever plan to, being buried in such a place that has no connection with me is kind of weird(@_@;)

セクレタリー Shoko の瓦版7月号!

July 13, 2016 

先月号が遅かったのを反省して連続投稿です♪ ٩( ´ω` )و ♪
Finally, summer has come.(> <) I hate summer but I love the ocean. I don’t like swimming. Just looking at the ocean and hearing the sound of waves makes me feel relaxed. However, the most exciting part is the creatures in the sea, particularly in the deep sea. There are many kinds of creatures with unique features to adjust to their tough environment. They are beyond our imagination. Some have big green eyes, and some are transparent. I’m interested in all creatures, but I’m most interested in sharks. Once I start Googling about sharks, I can’t stop. One is huge but eats only plankton. Another is small but has deadly poison. When I understand the process of evolution, I know why they have those features, and I admire their development. Now I’m really into one shark, called “Mega Mouth”. It is said that its mouth accounts for two thirds of its body. You should check it on the Internet. If you have any interesting information about sharks, please tell me.

セクレタリー Shoko の瓦版6月号!

July 13, 2016 

しかし早いもので、もう7月ですε=┏(; ̄▽ ̄)┛
I’m going to go to Hokkaido this month for the first time. At first, I checked the Internet for places where I should go. However, I was tired because there was too much information, and in the end, I bought a guide book. I’ve heard that although guide books are expensive and a little heavy, they are still popular even though the Internet has become universal. The information in books is limited but it’s enough and we can find necessary information easily. Sometimes too much information perplexes us and it takes time to find what we want. One of the good points of a guide book is that we can keep it as a memento of the trip. Even now, when I flip through guide books, I can be lost in memories of the trips. Some people say that the publishing business will decline. I really hope not. I believe reading paper books has many good points. And above all, I will have a lot of trouble because my husband is working in that industry. (> <)

セクレタリー Shoko の瓦版5月号!

May 7, 2016 

How did you spend your Golden Week.  I went to see a soccer match and a movie and went back to my hometown. However, I had no plans for the last two days. So, on the second last day, I knew that I had to study but I couldn’t get motivated at all. I slept a lot and lazed around all day. In addition to wasting a lot of time, I got a headache and didn’t feel so good. The next day, first I cleaned my room, then I wanted to do other chores. Gradually I started to be in a good mood. After that  I was willing to study. So,starting to do something made me realize what I should do.The clean environment inspired me  After all, nothing happens unless I take action.
I’ve heard that the busier people are, the more they study. Those people are good at controlling and utilizing their time effectively. I know it is tough for working people to study English. However, everyone has spare time such as when we commute or at lunch , and of course we all have days off. The way we use even such a short time makes a big difference in the future. We should not waste time.

セクレタリー Shoko の瓦版4月号!

Apr 2, 2016 

I love sports, so I’m looking forward to the Olympics which are coming soon. However, it doesn’t seem that the public’s interest is increasing. I think it is because people have more interest in the Tokyo Olympics. However, as for athletes, it is the most important competition every four years. They devote their lives to getting a gold medal. In the case of sprinters, the time of one race is just a few seconds. They put all their energy for four years into the moment. Of course, physical training is essential. Moreover, emotional strength and the ability to concentrate are also important to overcome the pressure. The performances of those who have both physical and mental strength make us excited. I hope many people liven up and enjoy this Olympics. Also I expect the athletes to give us a good show.

セクレタリー Shoko の瓦版3月号!

Mar 5, 2016 

5 years have passed since The Great Japan Earthquake. It was shocking to see the scenes of everything being swallowed up by the tsunami. I don’t have friends and relatives who suffered great loss from that earthquake but I remember I felt really sad.
I’m not an expert on disaster prevention, so what I want to talk about is happiness in our daily life.
I think people tend not to notice happiness in their daily lives because we are too used to i...

セクレタリー Shoko の瓦版2月号!

Feb 6, 2016 

Have you seen a “Taiga”drama (a long-running historical drama series on NHK TV)? Now I’m really into Sanadamaru which is on air. I had never seen a “Taiga”drama before seeing Sanadamaru. When I was a student, I was not good at history. I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t know Nobunaga, Ieyasu, and Hideyoshi were all alive at the same time in the Edo era. My knowledge of history is so poor that my husband makes cynical remarks that I should study history more than English. However, after starting to watch it, I fell into the world of drama.
Of course there was no internet at that time in the Edo era. All leaders needed were trustworthy vassals. But people will deceive. It is interesting to think that every human relation, whether it be betraying someone or being betrayed, made history and is linked to today. School teachers teach only the name of historical persons, events, eras, etc. It was boring for me to just remember those kinds of things. But now I want to know more about Japanese history, especially the Edo era. Needless to say, I’m going to study English more as well.

セクレタリー Shoko の瓦版1月号!

Jan 2, 2016 

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!! How were your holidays? Did you make a new year’s resolution?
My resolution is to improve my English speaking skills. And I’ll make an essay in English once a month and put it up on the whiteboard. Please take a quick look at that (^^) Besides English, my goal in golf is to break 120. I need a lot of time and money…(>O<)
Anyway I hope you have a great year☆☆☆ Shoko